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Who we are

Dynamics Data Practice (DDP) is the collaborative result of two highly specialised MS Dynamics implementation partners coming together and forging a truly unique alliance. DMC Pty Ltd and LGS Pty Ltd have worked together on numerous and complex Dynamics implementations over the past 7 years. With DMC’s data migration methodologies, toolsets and resources, and LGS’s Dynamics 365 architectural, functional and technical expertise, together DDP forms an essential bridge between the customer and the implementation vendor, specifically around data migration, production readiness and deployments.

The challenge

Data Migration (DM) is often categorized as the most precarious element of the overall Dynamics implementation. This well-deserved assumption is due to the risk of encountering legacy data quality issues, knowledge and expertise gaps, overall effort and resourcing requirements, the strict and unforgiving timeframes, and a need for a repeatable, predictable and timely data migration.

When it comes to customer verses vendor priorities, the customer is typically aiming to fulfil their business requirements to a high standard, incorporating their needs and wants, whereas the vendor’s priority is aiming to complete the implementation as quickly and smoothly as possible. This difference is experienced no more critically than in the data migration arena.

The solution



DDP has a robust, industry-tested and projectized solution in place for planning, implementation and management of end-to-end data migration and deployment activities on large and complex projects. Our custom-made approach has been proven to reduce costs, time, and more importantly, reduce the overall data migration project risk. Reusable and scalable bespoke methodologies, resources and toolsets are utilised to avoid the costs and outlays associated with having to start a new data migration process from scratch on each new Dynamics project.


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